Friday, April 2, 2010

Move to Illinois: Phase Two, Seven Months, & Happy First Easter

After shacking up with our friends the VanDyke's for two weeks, Luke & I were off to Texas for "phase two" of our move to Illinois. We would be staying with my parents while Jason and Jake drove to Illinois. Luke, you turned seven months a few days before we left for Texas. Unfortunately, your chair was packed up and in transit somewhere between Washington and Illinois. Therefore, we will not have a seven month chair picture. You spent your first Easter in Washington and Texas :) We flew out on Easter Sunday. You looked so cute in your yellow, brown, & white seersucker overalls and truly charmed everyone on the plane. Gigi & Coach even had an Easter basket waiting for you when were arrived in Texas. Gigi had taken her Easter basket, which had become my Easter basket, and added a new "boy" ribbon for you. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift!

Reunited & it feels so good!

Your Easter basket from Gigi & Coach filled with puffs, new sleepers, & a handsome new outfit!

Uncle Colby & Luke: They kinda like each other :)

Handsome boys on Easter

Another gift from Gigi & Coach...Luke's very on ball pit! He loves it!

My Aunt Lisa & Great Uncle Mike were in Fort Worth during our stay and met us for lunch at one of my favorite spots: Schlotzskys. We had the best time visiting with them and Luke, of course loved all of the attention!

One night, Luke was quite fussy and nothing seemed to calm him down. Coach decided to hook on the baby carrier and strolled around the block with Luke. Luke quickly went from the fussiest baby on the block to the happiest baby on the block!

My precious seven month old baby could not possibly know how proud I am of you and just how much I love you! You fill my days with much laughter and joy. This month you decided that you are no longer okay with falling asleep by yourself in your crib. Instead, you want to be cuddled and rocked to sleep. And you know what...I am perfectly okay with this, because I know one day really soon you will be a big boy and not want your momma to rock you to sleep. So I will simply cherish these moments when you snuggle up next to me and let me sing and pray over you as you fall asleep. I love you my sweet baby boy, each day with you is better than the last!

Seven Months!

I LOVE my ball pit!

Ready for a snack :)


  1. Lauren,

    I'm so happy your updating your blog and I can see these Awesomely Adorable Photos of little Luke, who is not so little these days. My how he has grown into such a cute boy!!!

    I know I've said it before, but your Mama is just gorgeous!!!! Your Aunt in the photos must be your Moms sister? They look so much alike!

    I hope your having a ton of fun making house in your new home, were missing you guys!


  2. Your Texas family is thrilled that you are blog updating again! Doesn't it feel so good to look back and remember things that you would have probably forgotten otherwise? You will definitely love it when you create your own blog book! Happy blogging!