Sunday, January 31, 2010

Five Months

My happy baby boy, you are five months old! You and I were really busy this month as we planned for and went on our trip to Texas. On February 20th, your Gigi and I hosted Kayci's Lingerie Shower. We collaborated for months on all of the details such as the invitations, food, favors, and more. We wanted the shower to be absolutely perfect for Kayci. Thank goodness we planned ahead, because one by one you, me, and your Gigi came down with horrible colds the week before the shower! Gigi and Coach took perfect care of us during this time. They bought you Petey the Penguin Humidifier, Little Noses saline drops, and Pedialyte to help you get well. Due to how sick we all were we do not have many pictures of our trip...but even though we did not feel very good, we still had the best time with Gigi, Coach, and Uncle Colby! Two weeks is never enough time with them, but we are so thankful for each minute we get to spend together.

So cool in his outfit from Rhonda & Camille and red converse shoes from Jolene!

First Vegetable: Carrots

Loves them!

Cutest little monkey I know :)

Me & the Bride

Kayci & I back in our younger days (we are Mary Kate & Ashley just in case you are confused!)

Kayci, Luke, & Me

Friday, January 1, 2010

Four Months

Luke, you are four months old...where has the time gone? I cannot believe how big you are getting.

Here are your stats:
You weigh 16 lbs 8 oz (91% percentile)
You are 25 inches long (71% percentile)

You are definitely a healthy boy. We are gradually switching you over to formula. While you have been growing bigger, your momma has been getting much smaller. We are going to listen to the doctor and switch to Similac Sensitive so that I can stay healthy and take good care of you!

Dr. W, your pediatrician gave us the green light to start rice cereal. You were not too sure about the first couple of bowls, but seem to like the new addition to your menu now. You are especially happy when I mix in a few spoonfuls of applesauce!

You still hate tummy time...but we work on this a little bit every day. You are not a huge fan of your Bumbo, but will tolerate it as long as I play your Sesame Street DVD from Miss Kenadee.

You are full of smiles now...which I love. You were quite the serious baby for the first couple of months. I could not be disappointed by this, simply because I am always thankful that you are healthy. However, I must admit that I just love seeing you smile!

Here are a few more of our favorite pictures from this month:

Taking a snooze on the guest bed

Our first attempt with the jogging stroller :)

Daddy & Luke