Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Months

Luke, your Momma is very behind on posting about your life! However, since the reason I am so behind is because you and I play all day long, I think you will probably forgive me! You spent most of your second month in Texas visiting all of your family and friends. You and I flew out two weeks ahead of Daddy, and you were a perfect angel on your very first plane ride. In fact, you behaved so well that the other travelers around us did not even know you were on board! Your Momma was of course extremely proud.

Your two month appointment went very well. The doctor said that you were a healthy, growing boy.

You weighed: 12 lbs 11 oz (91 percentile)
You were 22 3/4 inches tall (68 percentile)

At two months here is what you were doing:
*Luke you started sleeping anywhere from 5 to 8 hours at night.
*You were still sleeping swaddled and in your bouncy seat in Momma & Daddy's room.
*Your Momma still rocks you to sleep & we both love this special time!
*You nursed about 6 times per day and when you did take a bottle, you were eating around 5 to 6 ounces!
*You took your first plane ride to Texas!
*You discovered Gigi & Coaches ceiling fan and thought it was the best toy ever.
*You started to really smile, coo, and even laugh.
*Thanks to your Aunt Lisa, you learned to tolerate and possibly even somewhat like your bath.
*Your 0-3 month clothes are very tight and you quickly moved from a size 1 diaper to size 2 around 8 weeks.
*You began taking your naps un-swaddled and in your sleep positioner in the bassinet of your pack-n-play.
*You still loved your pacifier and unless you are hungry or tired, you are the happiest baby around!

You were (and of course still are) the best thing that has ever happened to your Momma & Daddy. We fall more and more in love with you each and every day. Sometimes I just sit and look at you and still cannot believe that you are mine. We love you Luke Brandon!

Two Months!

Not too happy about posing for his two month pictures :)

Luke's first plane ride to Texas

Gigi & Luke

Posing for Gigi & Coach's Christmas Card

So happy together!

Great Mimi & Luke

My Cousin Betsy & Luke

Great Great Nena, Uncle Mike, Momma, Uncle Tim, Emma, & Luke

Stevie & Luke

Shane & Luke

BJ, Donna, & Luke: The Szymanski's are now spread all over the country. Stevie & Dolly now live in South Carolina, BJ and his wife Jessie live in San Fransico, Shane is in Fort Worth, and Blake just graduated from Baylor. It was such a wonderful surprise when they called and were in town while we were home. We had the best visit. We have so many fun memories with this family!

The Happy Couple: Blake & Luke

Luke's 1st visit to the optometrist (his clogged tear duct gave trouble while in Texas). He did so well and made everyone in the office smile!

Great Great Granny & Luke--they were instantly in love!

Coach reading Luke one of his favorite books: Peekaboo, Baby!

Uncle Colby & Luke

My Uncle Danny & Luke

The Newlyweds & Luke: Dustin & Merredith just got hitched in Taos, New Mexico. We saw pictures from their wedding and it was truly magical. We were so sad that we could not be there.

Visiting Coach at the office!

Camille, Kyler, & Luke: Camille is one of my best friends! She & Kyler live in Houston and were so kind to drive down to meet Luke. I miss seeing her very much! Thanks, Camille for always taking the time to come and visit when we are home!

Helping Coach make some phone calls!

Beautiful Rhonda & Luke: Rhonda is Camille's mom. She is such a classy and sweet lady. Luke loved meeting her and was simply in heaven as she rocked him during her whole visit!

Granna & Luke

Gavin & Luke (he promised not to drop him....so cute!!)

Great Nana, Herb, & Luke

Bobby & Luke (he has grown so much since Bobby first saw him!)

Gigi & Luke cuddling on the couch!

Luke & his best friend Reed out shopping in Aledo!

Our friends the Roarks: Jennifer & Reed. They live next door to my parents and were such a help during our trip. Jenn gathered up clothes, blankets, towels, etc for Luke so that I would not have to bring so much. We just love her, Cody, Reed, & their goldendoodle Riggs!

When two babies get fussy, you hold two babies!

Reed & Luke in their "Daddy's Wingman" shirts
Kayci & Luke: Kayci and her family were our next door neighbors when we were much younger. We have the best memories with the Spauldings and were so glad to see Vicki & Kayci while we were home (Vicki I must not have snapped a picture of you and the little man, sorry!). Kayci will be getting married this upcoming summer and we cannot wait for the wedding festivities to begin!

Luke taking a nap at Gigi & Coach's

Luke & his crazy Great Aunt Danna

We had many more visitors while in Texas; however, my mom must have snapped some of those photos. Thank you, thank you to everyone who took the time to come and meet Luke. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends and we hope to see you all again soon!

Love, Jason, Lauren, & Luke

Sunday, October 18, 2009


This past weekend, Luke's cousin, Savannah, talked her parents Jeremy (Jason's brother) and Crystal into making a trip to Washington. We had such a blast while they were here and just love all three of them to pieces. Savannah just turned one and is a joy to be around. She smiles, laughs, and makes the most precious faces you have ever seen. Jason and I were quickly head over heels in love with our niece. Savannah even bonded with our dog, Jake! Jeremy and Crystal were such great help with Luke, and let both Jason and I get some much needed rest. While they were here we introduced them to some of our local favorites: Van's Burgers and Farellis Pizza, Jason cooked us a wonderful Fajita Dinner, and we rented a mini-van and made a true "family" trip to Seattle. Here are some pictures from our time together:

Jeremy, Crystal, & Savannah

Uncle Jeremy & Luke

Savannah thinks it's okay if Momma holds Luke, as long as she holds her too!

Savannah giving Jake some love!

We will never forget the mini-van!

She loves balloons, Capri Sun, ice cream, and the newest....
sharing grilled cheese sandwiches with Aunt Lauren!

How precious...Savannah & Luke holding hands!

Cousins :)

Silly boys & their guns
(note: babies were sleeping and no where near the gun)

Brothers & their babies!

Savannah hugging Aunt Lauren goodbye
(After being up with Luke all night, I was not camera ready)

Jeremy, Crystal, and Savannah: Thanks for making the long flight to Washington to visit Luke. We were so sad to see you leave and cannot wait to make a trip to Texas soon so we can all be together again. We love you and miss you very much!

Jason, Lauren, & Luke

He traveled so far...

When Luke was less than a week old, our little family received the best surprise....a special visitor from home (Texas). When we heard a knock on the door, I never in a million years would have guessed who was on the other side...Bobby Whiteley! Bobby and his wife Christy are two of my parents very best friends and are like a second set of parents to me. Bobby was on a motorcycle trip with a bunch of his friends, which happened to take them through Washington. Bobby broke away from his friends and rode many, many extra miles by himself just to see baby Luke. We were all thrilled to see him and sad that he could only stay through dinner. We had the best time and will never forget how special he made us feel!

Bobby & Luke

Bobby may or may not have had a tear in his eye :)

Bobby...we love you so very much! Thank you for going out of your way to come and visit Luke. You will never know just how much your thoughtfulness touched our family. Cannot wait to see you again soon.

Love, Jason, Lauren, & Luke