Friday, August 14, 2009

When Momma Comes to Town

About two weeks ago, my mom came to stay with Jason and I for a week. I promised a week of rest and relaxation away from the heat of Texas. Boy did I lie to her! The day before she arrived Washington decided to make history and have 100 degree weather. We have one small window AC unit in our guest bedroom. My poor mother had to share her lovely guest suite with Jason, Jake, and me. It was quite hilarious.

We had the best time though and mom was able to attend both of my showers and help me finish the nursery! Here are some pictures:

Baby Shower Hosted by Alyson & Kathy:

Aren't Mom and I cute in our coordinating dresses?

Bunco Friends!

Pregnant Gals

Work Baby Shower:

Jason Came :)

Momma & Me

Hostesses: Robin, Jenn, & Malinda

Luke's Goodies

Mom: I had the best time and cannot wait for you to come back when Luke is born. Thank you so much for all of your help always. We love you with all of our hearts!


  1. how fun! I wish I were there to help host the shower for you! You are such a dear friend and always will be!

  2. aaaaahhhh. There's an Itzbeen on the table! You got two! OOOPPSS!