Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You cannot go to the Party...They bring the Party to you!

This past weekend I received the best surprise. After college graduation, I worked for my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, as an Educational Leadership Consultant. Little did I know at the time, that my eight beautiful co-workers would become some of my very closest and dearest friends. During our time as consultants we took a "Spring Break" trip to Scottsdale, AZ. We had such a wonderful time and vowed to get together once a year from then on. The girls have since traveled to Jason's and my wedding in 2006, Las Vegas in 2007, and to Jackie and Mike's wedding in 2008.
2007 Scottsdale, AZ Trip

In January, the infamous email chains began with talk of "Spring Break" 2009. I had yet to tell them that I was pregnant, but once a cruise and skiing were suggested, I knew that I would not be attending this years trip. Once I told the girls I was pregnant, they were of course so excited for Jason and me. I did not hear anything else about plans for the 2009 reunion, but honestly did not give it a second thought since I already knew that I would not be going.

Fast forward 4 months...Jason mentioned that I should not make any plans for June 5-7, because he had a weekend get-away planned for the two of us. Now any of you who know my homebody of a husband, truly understand how not like Jason it is to plan a trip. I bugged him for weeks asking him where we were going, what did I need to pack, who would be taking care of Jake? He would not tell me anything!

On Thursday, June 4th, I received an email at work from Jason titled "weekend agenda." I laughed to the point of crying as I read "something fun" and "cute outfit" in regards to what to pack. I should have known something was up!

After work on Friday, Jason and I began driving towards Seattle. He still would not tell me where we were going. When we got to Seattle, he took me downtown to the Edgewater Hotel & Restaurant. He told me we would be having dinner, but our table was not ready yet. We decided to sit in the lounge and wait. The view from the lounge and restaurant was beautiful. While waiting for our table, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find my wonderful friends. I was completely shocked and surprised....they were supposed to be off cruising or skiing somewhere!

We did indeed have dinner at the Edgewater Hotel that night. My friends threw Jason and I the most thoughtful baby shower. Not a detail was missed between the favors, custom M&Ms, cupcakes, and gifts. Here are some pictures:

The Group at Dinner

The Favors (the tag says "Lauren's Baby Shower 06/05/2009)

They made me this picture frame using a baby picture of each one of us!

We can officially take Luke home from the hospital: they got us our car seat!

After dinner, Jason went back home and I got to stay the weekend in Seattle with the girls. We had such a wonderful time. I wish I had a picture of us all piled on one bed Friday night as the girls took turns feeling Luke kick and move around my belly. I will always be so thankful that we got to spend this time together! Here are a few more pictures from the weekend:

Rule #1: They give you a robe, you wear it!

Space Needle

Belly Picture at Dinner Saturday Night

To my sweet friends: Ashley, Bricklin, Emily, Erin, Jackie, Jenni, Liz, and Melissa

I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful surprise. I am simply blessed to have such wonderful friends. I am sure that being bikini babes on a cruise or ski bunnies on the slopes would have been much more fun than taking a billion bathroom breaks and ordering shirley temples for your pregnant friend in slightly overcast Seattle! Thanks for being so selfless and chosing to spend your time off throwing me a baby shower instead. I love you all so much (and might or might not be crying as I type this)! Luke cannot wait to meet his eight crazy aunties! I know this...he is one lucky little boy to be loved by all of you!


  1. Okay, I'm crying. :) Taco, I can honestly say that we were so much more excited about surprising you than about any crazy vacations we could have planned without you. I am SO thankful you were able to spend the weekend with us, and that you have a fab husband who is willing to deal with the ridiculous antics of Theta's fine nine! I had a BLAST, truly. :)

    Hugs and pansies,
    "JAM 3"
    (That's Jason, Ashley, Melissa, 3rd in alphabetical order. Your husband is such an army geek for coming up with that. ;) )

  2. That is so sweet. You are so blessed to have such great friends! Then again, you deserve great friends like them! :)

  3. wow, You do have some wonderful friends! They sound so thoughtful and like they are a blast to hang out with! I am so glad you got to see them and be part of this years get together!!
    Miss you!

  4. Hi Lauren, Love your blog!!! What a great group of gal pals you have!!! Girlfriends are such a blessing.

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