Sunday, October 4, 2009

Luke Brandon Johnson

Luke Brandon Johnson arrived a week early on August 31st at 9:32 pm. He weighed 6lbs 12 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. My contractions began at 5:30 am. I immediately called my mom (Luke's Gigi) in Texas and she caught the next flight to Seattle. I was given my epidural at around 3:00 pm and felt great for the duration of Luke's birth. Mom arrived shortly after and she along with Jason and our friends Carl and Alyson kept me company until it was time for Luke to be born. After 45 minutes of pushing, Luke was born. He was quite blue and not breathing...but thanks to the wonderful nurses and doctors all was soon well (it felt like forever of course). We were all instantly in love! Gigi was a huge help those first few weeks...we can never thank her enough!

Gigi & Luke bonding in the hospital

On our way home!

Jake meets his new little brother!

After we were discharged, my dad (aka Coach) flew in to spend the week with Luke. We had the best time and were all sad (especially Jake) when he had to go back to work. Luke just loves Coach and quickly broke him in by peeing on him whenever possible :)

Coach loves the little guy!

Two of my favorite people!

Jake begging Coach not to go back to Texas :)

Luke is now one month old! He is such a joy and I cannot imagine our lives without him. We have never been more tired or more happy.

Luke at one month you are:
*Still asleep most of the day
*However, you are awake more and more
*Wearing size one diapers (up from preemies and newborns)
*Weigh over 9lbs
*Love your pacifier
*Love your swing and bouncy seat
*Often clasp your hands as if you are praying
*Sleep in Mom & Dads room in your bouncy seat
*Love to look at yourself in the mirror during diaper changes
*Hate baths, wardrobe changes, and tummy time
*Prefer Gigi's singing over your Moms
*Love to be rocked to sleep and swaddled

Mommy & Luke on their way to the Doctor

Luke & his Blue Binky

One month old!

Attempting to take a nap in his big boy crib :)

Uncle Colby flew in this weekend to meet Luke. He is a natural with babies and will make a great dad someday. Luke just loves Uncle Colby and actually looks a lot like him as a baby (I will have to post side by side pictures soon!).

Male bonding :)

Watching the Cowboy Game!

All dressed up for dinner!

Luke cannot wait for this upcoming weekend when his Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Crystal, and Cousin Savannah are coming to visit. What fun this will be for our new little family!


  1. I was so excited reading about little Luke the whole way through this blog, but I got REALLY excited about the last paragraph! Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Precious, precious, precious! Luke is adorable! I'm so glad everything went well and your Mom was able to be there! Please tell me how your Dad got the name "Coach." :) So funny!

  3. Oh Lauren what a BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY!!! I think Luke looks very much like you, your Beautiful (inside & out) Mom, and your Brother!!!!
    He is just simply PRECIOUS!!!! What a Wonderful Family you have & you LOOK ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! AS IF YOU WERE NEVER PREGNANT! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

    Anytime that you and Jason decide you need a date night, you know that I WOULD JUST LOVE TO WATCH LUKE FOR YA'LL!!!

  4. LAUREN! He's perfect!!!!! I am so happy for you and I can't wait to meet him! You look absolutely stunning and motherhood just fits you! I want to chat soon! Love, love, LOVE you beautiful friend!