Sunday, October 18, 2009


This past weekend, Luke's cousin, Savannah, talked her parents Jeremy (Jason's brother) and Crystal into making a trip to Washington. We had such a blast while they were here and just love all three of them to pieces. Savannah just turned one and is a joy to be around. She smiles, laughs, and makes the most precious faces you have ever seen. Jason and I were quickly head over heels in love with our niece. Savannah even bonded with our dog, Jake! Jeremy and Crystal were such great help with Luke, and let both Jason and I get some much needed rest. While they were here we introduced them to some of our local favorites: Van's Burgers and Farellis Pizza, Jason cooked us a wonderful Fajita Dinner, and we rented a mini-van and made a true "family" trip to Seattle. Here are some pictures from our time together:

Jeremy, Crystal, & Savannah

Uncle Jeremy & Luke

Savannah thinks it's okay if Momma holds Luke, as long as she holds her too!

Savannah giving Jake some love!

We will never forget the mini-van!

She loves balloons, Capri Sun, ice cream, and the newest....
sharing grilled cheese sandwiches with Aunt Lauren!

How precious...Savannah & Luke holding hands!

Cousins :)

Silly boys & their guns
(note: babies were sleeping and no where near the gun)

Brothers & their babies!

Savannah hugging Aunt Lauren goodbye
(After being up with Luke all night, I was not camera ready)

Jeremy, Crystal, and Savannah: Thanks for making the long flight to Washington to visit Luke. We were so sad to see you leave and cannot wait to make a trip to Texas soon so we can all be together again. We love you and miss you very much!

Jason, Lauren, & Luke

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