Saturday, October 2, 2010

A wonderful day

This past Thursday was truly a wonderful day! Luke and I got up and headed to BSF (bible study fellowship). Jason and I are still looking for a church here in Illinois, so in the meantime I started the study of Isaiah with BSF. The best and my most favorite part is that my mom is doing the same study in Texas! What a blessing to be able to give her a call when I need help with my lessons. We meet every Thursday for 2 hours and childcare is provided. The first time I dropped Luke off, he of course cried. I went to peek in on him during one of my breaks and could not help but laugh. All of the other children were playing nicely on one side of the room, while my child was being rocked and read to on the other side. God bless that sweet woman who gave my child one-on-one attention for two hours! When I picked Luke up he proceeded to start bawling all over again! I had a feeling they would turn and run when they saw us coming this week…but they were again so gracious and took my sobbing child. At break time, I peeked in again and Luke was smiling, laughing, and playing and no crying when I picked him up! Praise Jesus!

After bible study, we headed to the Metra station to pick up Miss Beth Wilson. We just love it when she heads out the burbs to spend the day with us. We had a delicious lunch of Zesty Tortilla Soup and Chocolate Chip Cookies at Corner Bakery and then headed back to the house so that Luke could nap.

After nap and snack time, we then headed to Home Goods. Beth found a snazzy new vase/fish bowl and Luke found this:

photo-3 photo-4

Beth was soooooo kind and offered to babysit Luke so that J and I could go to dinner. J took me to Texas de Brazil for dinner and it was delicious! Warning…you should skip breakfast, lunch, and all snacks in order to be able to truly enjoy your dinner. We had a great time at dinner and then went to REI so that I could look for snow boots…yes, snow boots!

Here is what we found:

photo-5 photo-7

Jason tried on these weird barefoot toe running shoe things? Crazy! And I thought these snow boots were pretty cute, for snow boots anyways!


Beth & Luke when were got home :)

Thank you Beth, Luke, & Jason for a great, great day!

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  1. We drove by your Mom's exit going to Dallas this past weekend. Tell her Hi for me!!

    Luke is getting so big! What a cutie!