Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Months are three months old. This has been a big month for you! As soon as we got home from Texas, mom and dad made a lot of changes to your sleep routine. You weigh a little over 15lbs and are growing each and every day. Sadly enough, you have outgrown your "miracle blanket" and this is what has started the major changes to the way your sleep. You have been quite spoiled when it comes to how you sleep. Your current set-up is swaddled in the "miracle blanket," strapped into your bouncy seat, sitting in the bassinet of your pack n' play. I was originally planning to first take away just your bouncy seat, but since you are too big for your swaddle blanket, it is not safe to lay you flat in the bassinet swaddled. Teaching you to sleep un-swaddled and flat on your back has meant many sleepless nights for your mom and dad. You move quite a bit in your sleep, which wakes you up. I am proud to say that you have conquered this and are sleeping very well now!

Another big change was moving you into your big boy crib! I hate to say it, but this was much harder for me than it was for you. I cried and did not sleep well the first night...but not slept like a champ. Luke, you were ready, I wasn't! You are learning to do new things each and every day. Your mom and dad are just so proud of you! We love you more than we could ever imagine and are just overjoyed to be your parents.

Looking distinguished in his little old man sweater for his three month chair picture!

The new sleep arrangement!

Squeaky clean after a bath & waiting for your baby massage :)

Our little love in his winter bear hat!

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