Friday, May 22, 2009

My Husband the Handyman

So I think my husband has been holding out on me the past three years! I just love all things crafty and creative and seem to always have some type of project started. I think that Jason has wanted me to "think" that he does not know how to do certain types of that I wont overload him with honey-dos.

He recently installed a new ceiling fan in our bedroom. Here are a few pictures:

Can you tell how excited he is?

Wiring like a pro :)

Final Product

I was quite proud of him...and even prouder as we slept soundly beneath our new fan later that night.

Jason has started to work on the antique dresser I purchased off of craigslist for $75! I just love a good deal and after a little research, I think the 9-drawer antique dresser with the matching mirror is quite a steal. Jason began sanding the dresser tonight. A little bit of primer, paint, and new hardware that I have already picked out from Anthropologie, and I think the dresser is going to be perfect in Luke's nursery.

Here a few pictures of Jason and the dresser:

Don't you love the curves of the dresser?

Let the fun begin!

To my husband: I love you honey...thanks for following along with all of my crazy ideas!


  1. How fun! I love the dresser! A lady here in Abilene buys furniture from garage sales, has a huge warehouse, and you pick out the piece you want and she paints it. I just bought a black buffet table for $150.

  2. Nice work! I didn't know you were such a bargain hunter. We speak the same language. :) One of my favorite stores is Anthropologie. In fact, Jared and I were just there last week. We saw these amazing door knobs, and in the back of our minds, decided it would be perfect in our future dream home. (I posted pics of our future dream home on my site). Hope all is well!

  3. I wonder if Ross has been holding out on me......
    Great work Jason! You just made the summer bareable for your pregnant wife w/ that ceiling fan!