Monday, February 16, 2009

First things first....

Jason and I have lived in Lacey, WA for almost 3 years now. We relocated here shortly after our wedding (July 2006) for Jason's job. We quickly moved into a cute rental and I loved being a housewife. While Jason was at work, I would organize, decorate, and of course watch a little HGTV. Although we were miles away from family and friends, we were happy to just be newlyweds and truly enjoyed this season of our lives. Despite our marital bliss, as time went on we knew we needed good friends and a church home. With a whole lot of prayer and patience, in a matter of weeks I found a job, we met our best friends, and they introduced us to the church we attend today. God is so good!

My bestie Alyson

Of course, the next logical step in our married life was to get a dog! We researched and researched to find the perfect fit for our family. Thanks to a little input from my mom we decided to look at Goldendoodles (mostly for the non-shedding). I stumbled across Jake, formerly known as "Zendo", on a breeders website in Spokane, WA. I instantly fell in love with this furry, stuffed animal like dog and knew that he was the one. After convincing Jason that he could indeed own a "goldendoodle", we called to inquire about Zendo. We learned that he was a 6 month old, potty trained reject who had lived for a short time with a family in Seattle. According to this family he was "born under the wrong astrological sign." Crazy! So, we took a gamble and the very next day, Zendo/Jake flew to Seattle to live with us. He has seriously been the perfect dog...we love and spoil him way too much!

His first night at his new home!

Our latest adventure here in Washington was to buy our first home. We purchased our home in July 2008 and have been slowly making it our own ever since. I am extremley excited to start working on the nursery here in a couple of months.

Our first home!

Just thought I would give everyone a little glimpse into what the Johnson Family has been up to the past couple of years. Looking forward to posting many more updates soon!


  1. I'm so glad that you have finally made yourself known on the blog world! I can't wait to see cute little baby pics on here!!!

  2. Who is this hot chick?????

  3. Congrats on the baby! Motherhood is amazing. I'm so glad that I found you on here and I hope all is well.